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Hardwood flooring: Why so popular?

Blog > Hardwood flooring: Why so popular?

Hardwood flooring: Why so popular?

If you’ve shopped for flooring materials for your remodel, you know how popular solid hardwood flooring is now. It offers outstanding benefits and increases your home value, but there's much more to love about these floors.

Why are these materials so popular when there are so many products from which to choose? Here are some facts that will make it easier to understand.

The increased home values

You'll hear that wood floors increase your home value, which is a multi-faceted statement. First, it increases the value because it offers so many valuable features.

Not all features are valuable to all homeowners, but nothing beats wood flooring if it fits your need. Consider all these features to find the product that means the most to you.

Durability and longevity

For some homeowners, the extensive durability makes these floors so popular. You'll want to choose the proper species for your activity level and take advantage of professional installation.

Durability always leads to a longer lifespan, making hardwood even more valuable. With proper installation and care, these floors can last more than 100 years.

Impressive visual appeal

Customizing hardwood is easy when you take the time to consider all the options. Wood flooring pieces, color, texture, format, and installation layout all offer different looks.

Current trends could be a great choice too. For example, consider whitewashed wood and light stain colors that will keep you stylish for years.

We have the wood flooring you need

Elkton Carpet & Tile supplies a well-stocked materials inventory and offers services to complement each. We'll get to know your requirements and then take time to meet each one.

Visit our hardwood flooring company in Elkton, MD, whenever you’re in the area. From there, our service areas include:

·        North East
·        Chesapeake City
·        Rising Sun
·        Newark
·        Middletown
·        Bear
·        New Castle
·        Wilmington
·        And White Hall