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Current trends and your new flooring installation

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Current trends and your new flooring installation

Today, people are looking for value and comfort, with the increasing popularity of floorings such as the vinyl plank, LVT flooring, and wood-look laminate. These products also offer excellent performance and longevity, with price points that are much different from genuine materials. The environment is also a concern with consumers looking for green products, and more and more manufacturers taking note. From [[cms:companyname]], your flooring company in Elkton, MD, here’s more on these two trends.

Carpet is still #1

There’s a good reason why a carpet installation is still the most popular flooring. There's something for every person's decor and budget with so many types of fibers, constructions, styles, and textures. Carpets also can change the tone of the entire room; in the blink of an eye, you can go from traditional to contemporary by just changing the rug. These soft surfaces are comfortable and, when maintained properly, can last for years.

Thanks to technological advances, rugs are more durable and stain-resistant than ever, with benefits insulating against noise to create energy savings and provide safety from hard falls. Carpets also aid health and improve indoor air quality. They trap pollutants and particles into fibers where they’ll remain until deep cleaned, meaning that the particles don’t fly around in the air for anyone to breathe.

Manufacturers take note of eco-friendly products

Some carpet fibers are now made with recycled items, such as plastic bottles. One rug is called the "corn carpet" because it uses corn glucose instead of energy grabbing petroleum-based products in its manufacturing. Antimicrobial and antibacterial are concerns today and, with that in mind, one tile uses sunlight to activate the oxidation of germs. Responsible forestry management is a concern to many, so more organizations, such as The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), are being established to keep watch on practices.

To learn more about choosing the right flooring installation, come into the Elkton Carpet & Tile showroom in Elkton, MD. We work with homeowners in Elkton, North East, Chesapeake City, Rising Sun, MD & Newark, DE. Be sure to ask our specialists about a free estimate.